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The Children's Television Network

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The Children’s Television Network’s mission is to bring hope and smiles to children, parents and caregivers. The network is a positive, calming and entertaining voice for everyone while they’re inside a childrens’ healthcare facility.

For Children's Hospitals

Tell your story to those who matter the most; your patients, caregivers and loved ones. Shine a positive light on all that is good within the walls of your hospital as well as your commitment to your community.


Entertain children and create confidence for parents with the Children’s Television Network.

Celebrities and Athletes

The nation’s most relevant personalities, movers and shakers come together to entertain and inspire hope for the most important people: the children. Hundreds of athletes, authors and entertainers now available at your fingertips.

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have  

Margaret Mead

What the Network Does

A Television Network designed and built specifically for Children's Hospitals

Turn children's hospital televisions into smile makers

Finally a way to use all the televisions in a children’s hospital to communicate with children and encourage them to smile.


Programming chosen and designed to entertain children and their love ones. The network brings together the nation’s best programming provided by hundreds of television producers and content creators.

Support Foundations and Fundraising

The network is designed to support children’s foundations and the Children’s Miracle Network’s mission of raising funds for children’s hospital.

Your Hospital, Your Story

No more negative programming. No bad news, no screaming car commercials, no scandalous talk shows. Only positive messaging and approved content chosen specifically for each children’s hospital. See how other hospitals use our customization tools to effectively convey their missions to their most important audiences.

Continuously Updated

Updated daily with new episodes of programming, current local weather, the latest news, and daily updates of hospital news and announcements.

Celebrities, Authors and Athletes

The network brings the world’s biggest celebrities, authors and athletes together to speak directly to the children.

Customized to each Children's Hospital

The television network is customized for each hospital. The children’s hospital can pick the name of their channel and choose from a variety of pre set ways to customize messaging, content and announcements.

Mission, Achievements and Milestones

Share all that is good about each children’s hospital, their staff, and community involvement – and much, much more.

It’s Easy

We make it easy for each children’s hospital to connect with their children, caregivers, and loved ones.

  • We are extremely excited about reaching children in a hospital setting and making them smile with health segments and programming that is fun and designed for them.

    Jennifer Fairfield Williams, Executive Producer, The Healthcare Television Network
  • We are excited to offer MCHTV (The Children’s Television Network) to our patients and families. This service is an extension of MCH’s ongoing commitment to enhance the overall patient experience through the use of technology.

    Dr. Narendra Kini, President and CEO, Miami Children’s Hospital
  • Our kiddos love The Children’s Television Network !  It holds their attention so the parents can communicate with medical staff.  Thank you to The Children’s Miracle Network for bringing this to us!

    Laura Parcels, Director of Child Life Services, Hurley Children's Hospital
  • One of the things we love about the network is the flexibility.  A lot of our segments were already created for YouTube, and now we can use them in multiple ways. We have the ability to create original content or collaborate with The Children’s Television Network as we see fit, which helps us to provide a range of content for our patients.

    Carmen M. Pages, Senior Marketing/Service Line Brand Coordinator, Miami Children's Hospital
Children's Miracle Network

How the Children’s Television Network Is Used By Our Hospitals

Below are a few examples of programming and content playing on the Children's Television Network.Each hospital has a blend of national and local programming picked and designed to entertain, inform and create smiles.


Marie Osmond – Children’s Miracle Network


Marie Osmond- Children’s Miracle Network

Shushybye Baby

Nick Jonas- JDRF PSA


Be a Dad

Stand Up to Cancer

Dr. Narendra Kini President and CEO, Miami Children’s Hospital




Ways CTV helps caregivers create smiles


Current CTV Locations


Number of people required to make a difference

Hospitals and Partners

The Children’s Television Network is designed to play throughout a children’s hospital bringing alive all of the facility’s televisions with positive and entertaining content. It also serves as a valuable tool that helps hospitals recognize and thank the unsung heroes:  the foundations and corporate sponsors who generously provide their invaluable support.

The Children’s Television Network becomes a way to shine a spotlight on all that is good and as a result, further the mission of healing children. So much more than just a television network; it is a true “network” – creating a system of interconnected people, ideals and resources.  From Celebrities, athletes, corporate sponsors, programmers, fund raisers and most importantly, care givers this network helps bring everyone together for the kids. Below are a few of The Children’s Television’s Network Hospitals and Partners

Miami Children's Hospital

Miami Children's Hospital

Hurley Children's Hospital

Hurley Children's Hospital

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

The Healthcare Television Network

The Healthcare Television Network

Miami Children's Hospital

Miami Children's Hospital

Hurley Children's Hospital

Hurley Children's Hospital

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

The Healthcare Television Network

The Healthcare Television Network


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